High Performance Culture

High Performance Culture

Arguably, organizational culture represents the collective behavior, thinking and feeling of people that are part of an organization. Research shows that organizational culture directly impacts the bottom line. Kotter and Heskett studied 207 U.S. companies in a mix of 22 industries over an 11-year period. They found that companies, which managed their cultures well, saw revenue increase of 682% compared to 166% increase for companies that did not manage their cultures well.

Example characteristics of a high performance culture:

  • A leadership philosophy that embraces customer focus, innovation to drive efficiency and continuous performance improvement
  • A strategic plan which aligns mission and vision, with key global, regional and local business objectives, individual performance  objectives and resource allocations
  • Talented, committed and engaged leaders, managers and individual contributors
  • Values data drive decisions, open communication,  removing barriers, servant leadership, teamwork and inclusion off all levels of the organization

High Performance Culture: Service Overview

WGA Consulting can help renovate your organization through the establishment of a high performance culture which will maximize business productivity and outperform competitors.

WGA’s Sustainable Culture Change 4Rs™ tailored method includes the following phases:

1. Rationale
a. Ethnographic assessment of the current culture
b. Buy-In of Leadership

2. Readiness
a. Enterprise Communications
b. Establishment of Action Teams
c. Pre-Implementation Measurement of Workforce Attitudes

a. New Culture Training
b. Monitoring of Organizational Behavior and Habits
c. Team Building Refinement and Supporting Activities

a. Performance Management alignment with New Culture
b. Post-Implementation Monitoring and Measurement

Team culture also plays a critical role in the innovative nature and success of an organization, to successful internalize a new high performance culture requires focusing on Teams. Teams in your organization can interact to drive performance or failure. WGA can help ensure the efficient operation of teams through the following services:

Team Building Workshops: Team spirit and support foster team member satisfaction, motivation, and cohesiveness. Through tailored team building activities, WGA can create team unity and commitment to ensure high levels of team performance and project success.

Team Coaching:
Awareness of team dynamics and issues hindering effective performance can help teams overcome barriers and grow to be a high performing team. Using observational data, focus groups, and surveys, WGA can identify root cause of team issues and create an executable action plan to address team conflict.

Team Survey: High functioning teams are balanced in the sense that team members complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. The survey identifies roles of team members to ensure each “role” is fulfilled and helps individual team members manage their weaknesses and work their strengths to reduce interpersonal conflict.

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