Overcoming Business Change Failures

When change is mismanaged…Over 54% of projects and up to 87% of business transformation initiatives fail

It’s absolutely true that “success breeds success”, but in today’s dynamic, global marketplace, organizations are finding it harder than ever to define success in a way the organization can understand and continue to identify with over the long term. The only way to achieve this sustainable success and deliver continuous change is to create a culture which embraces it.

Business Change Failures


  • Lack of organizational commitment to what the organization is trying to accomplish
  • Lack of clear and honest communication on how it intends to accomplish it
  • Lack of individual accountability and understanding of the importance of their contributions
  • Leadership and Team dynamics that undermine the execution, adoption and sustainment of the change

WGA’s Organizational Change methodology, based upon successful engagements at over 500 of the largest companies in the world, is tailor made to address these challenges and more.

Our services incorporates organizational design, readiness, cultural, and other factors to help develop clear and understandable multilevel action plans to develop a culture of success throughout an organization.

WGA is a client value-based alternative to the traditional “Big Name/High Cost/No Value” business consulting firms. Here are just a few of our service offerings:

  • Organizational Change Management
  • Organizational Design and Effectiveness
  • Planned Innovation
  • Leadership, Teams and People Development and Coaching
  • Business Transformation Planning and Execution
  • Transformation Risk Management

Studies have shown that our clients experience higher success rates, reduced overall costs, and ultimately higher revenue when partnering with WGA. WGA’s strategies are low in cost, while still remaining strong and thus delivering great value.

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