Strategic Execution: The New Imperative

Strategic Execution

For many businesses today, generally only two things are certain related to Strategic Execution: greater uncertainty and an accelerated pace of change. Strategic Execution has become significant, competition is growing due to globalization in most industries, hastening the pace of business. Global economies have established two-speeds 1) instant growth or 2) sharp decline, making the need for strategic execution increasingly more complex. In this environment, the ability to react, identify, develop and implement new strategic and tactical initiatives rapidly has become a key imperative for strategic execution.

Many companies continue to struggle with strategic execution, in order to successfully deploy and sustain those initiatives. The difficulty is widely attributed to shortcomings in leadership, but, in reality, it is largely associated with ineffective engagement. Too many senior executives have trouble getting the information they need—when they need it—to make the frequently necessary adjustments and course corrections that in today’s business environment are critical for ensuring that large strategic initiatives will deliver their target impact.

I’m certain that your organization, like so many others, are facing challenges with one or more of the following strategic execution challenges:

  • Simplifying Complexity – institute smart, simple and sustainable processes, products, services, channels, operations, organizational structure and governance can significantly improve business performance and customer satisfaction
  • Program or Project Management – providing accurate operational insight through meaningful milestones, objectives, honest progress, and identify issues early without adding undue burdens or usurping the businesses and functions executing the work
  • Capability, Productivity and Professional Development – developing the right strategic, technical, management and leadership skills within your organization.
  • Culture of Change – actively building and company-wide commitment to organizational change management, focused on “best today/better tomorrow”

WGA is a client value-focused alternative to the traditional “Big Name/High Cost/No Value” business consulting firms, with successful engagements at largest companies in the world. Our strategic execution service offerings are tailor-made to address these challenges and others, including:

  • Global, Regional and Local Business Strategy and Planning
  • Leadership, Teams and People Development and Coaching
  • Operational Excellence
  • Strategic Execution
  • Lean Management
  • Cultural Renewal and/or Change
  • Organizational Design and Transformation Management

WGA’s unique and highly-effective strategic execution solutions focus on enabling our client’s own “success cycle” while protecting their competitive edge and allowing them to deliver breakout value to their stakeholders. Studies have shown that our clients experience higher success rates, reduced overall costs, and ultimately higher revenue when partnering with WGA.

To learn more about WGA’s services, please feel free to Contact Us or visit our website at

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