Talent Management: A best-in-class Selection Strategy

Organizations are realizing that people are critical to business success. The talent, ability and skills of people determine an organization’s competitive advantage. The selection process within an organization is therefore vital – it must be seen as a business critical process and not an HR process. A selection process needs to quickly and accurately identify the very best potential performers at all levels within an organization. However, any talent management framework or strategy needs to have a clearly defined selection strategy that aligns with the broader organizational talent demands and encourages best practice processes and procedures that ensure consistency and fair treatment for all of those involved. Actionable takeaways include:
Learning what a best in class selection process must incorporate
Discovering the most suitable selection techniques that will allow effective and standardized selection across your organization
Learning how to ensure best practice is followed all levels
Learning how to guarantee your recruiters are competent and confident at assessing
Learning how to streamline your selection process, saving time and money
Promoting a talent development mindset across your organization

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