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Tesla: Electric Plane and Airbus

Tesla is broadly collaborating with Airbus on their new green plane. Will this mean that we might see Elon Musk’s vision of electric supersonic jets with the ability to take off and land vertically in the near future? If Elon can convince Airbus Group of his vision we might see disruptive game changer in the commercial aerospace industry.

The Airbus E-Fan 2.0 electric aircraft is a lithium-ion polymer battery, 2-seater, is built of carbon fiber and can fly for about half an hour for 110 miles. It could be Airbus’s next step in trying to be the first to enter the regional jet market. According to Airbus, the electric plane could eliminate fuel consumption by 75% and would have a starting price of $300,000. Tesla’s leanings from their effort in the automotive market could lend a great deal of innovation to the E-Fan design. Additionally, Tesla’s top talent could also assist in reducing costs and cutting out waste in the manufacturing process.

So where is Boeing and why aren’t they reaching out to Tesla? It appears Boeing’s SUGAR Volt, a hybrid aircraft that uses two hybrid electric motor turbofans and burns jet fuel when taking off, has been silent recently. Boeing might want to re-double their efforts and connect with Tesla before they lose out on the future of aircraft

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