Pharmaceutical packaging and plastic bottles innovative technology

Medical and pharmaceutical products are one of the highly in demand products all over the world that needs to be safely and properly packed. To ensure the best quality of these products, manufacturers of pharmaceutical packaging are now on the rise with their massive productions. The competition in this industry is tough but despite this, LOG Ltd. manages to stay on top and this is now recognized as one of the excellent provider of innovative solutions for medical products packaging. To provide best value on pharmaceutical packaging, the company creates its new innovated line of products which are Log’s Barrier Bottles. The company has been manufacturing and providing innovative and premium quality packaging solutions that meet customer needs and satisfy their wants. Aside from this new line of innovation which is the Log’s Barrier Bottles, the company also offers broad range of special and standard products ranging from 10 ml up to 5000 ml. In all the products they manufacture, the company never fails to create value for all the customers with innovative and exciting packaging solutions.

Log’s Barrier Bottles, which is the company’s new innovative line, was created in response for increasing range of generic and innovative drugs that are sensitive to oxygen and humidity and in lieu of high stability requirements. LOG has successfully created and developed three series of these exclusive bottles with an aim of protecting the product throughout its entire life span.

The three series include 02 Barrier, which dramatically reduces OTR and oxygen permeation, the H20 Barrier, which lowers water vapor and WVTR dramatically and the last one to complete the series is H202 Barrier, which reduces water vapor and oxygen permeation. The company ensures that bottles are well designed, validated, designed and manufactured in order to supply the highest quality and safety possible.

LOG Ltd. is a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in Israel with a daughter company established in Germany due to increasing sales result. With more than 40 years in the pharmaceutical and food manufacturing industry, customers are assured to get the best packaging solutions and related products from the company. LOG takes pride of offering wide range of high standard packaging with compliance with set pharmaceutical requirements. Their products and quality programs are ISO certified, FDA approved and DMF registered.

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