WGA is currently offering new clients an outstanding offer, good thru April 30, 2015. 15%-30% off competitor

Management Consulting Firms – It’s time to switch

It’s time to switch Management Consulting firms

  • Is your company currently planning local, regional or global projects or initiatives?
  • Do you have these types of projects or initiatives already underway?
  • Does your company use management consulting firms to assist with strategy, execution or temporary project staffing?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, it is likely your company is using one or more “Big Name/No Value” management consulting firms.

I would like to introduce you to WGA. WGA’s unique and highly-effective solutions focus on enabling our client’s own “success cycle” while protecting their competitive edge and allowing them to deliver breakout value to their stakeholders. Studies have shown that our clients experience higher success rates, reduced overall costs, and ultimately higher revenue when partnering with WGA.

Make the switch today and save BIG$$$
WGA’s Competitive Guarantee

WGA is currently offering new clients an outstanding offer, good thru November 30, 2015. WGA will match any existing strategy, consulting, project or temporary professional services scope from any management consulting competitor, and beat their price by a minimum of -15%, up to -30%, period.

WGA at a glance:

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I’m certain that your organization, like so many others, are likely facing challenges with one or more of the following:

  • Business Transformationmaking a fundamental change in the way your organization conducts business, locally, regionally or globally.
  • Culture of Change actively building and company-wide commitment to organizational change management, focused on “best today/better tomorrow”
  • Program or Project Managementproviding accurate operational insight through meaningful milestones, objectives, honest progress, and identify issues early without adding undue burdens or usurping the businesses and functions executing the work
  • Leadership – courageous leaders providing the on-going support system needed to influence and inspire people to achieve and sustain change.

Our service offerings are tailor-made to address these challenges and others, including:

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