Smarter, Faster, Better. WGA’s Operational Diagnostic delivers targeted solutions to fix problems that matter. Starting from $19,999(USD). WGA can help your company identify barriers, pinpoint capability gaps and delivery targeted interventions and solutions to transform your business.

Operational Diagnostic

Smarter, Faster, Better.

WGA’s Operational Diagnostic is defined as a collection of consulting services that pinpoints, identifies, measures, assesses, determines the root causes of affecting business operational performance, quality, profitability, compliance, environmental, social and corporate governance decision-making.

WGA’s Diagnostic services starting from $19,999 (USD)

Operational Diagnostic Services Overview

WGA’s Services focus on an analysis of your organization’s strategy. We focus on day-to-day operating performance, business processes, operating structures, enterprise technology and decision-making. We analyze responsibilities, accountabilities, social and environmental, benchmarking, and post-action peer reviews (e.g. initiative, M&A, program or project value realization).

Below is an overview of the steps of our diagnostic services:

  1. Determine Scope
    Our operational diagnostic services begins with identifying the scope of the diagnostic; specific business areas, geographies, topics and problem areas with the client’s Executive leadership.
  2. Discovery
    Our Diagnostic teams are deployed to identify the client’s personnel, logistics, and coordinate schedules and request initial information needed.
  3. Data and Fact Gathering
    Together, our Diagnostic team collaborate with the client’s personnel to gather documentation (e.g. policies, organizational charts, business process documentation and procedures), financial information, operational data and metrics. Our Diagnostic team conduct interviews and observation sessions of the client’s day-to-day operations, business processes, technology, meetings and decision-making process.
  4. Fact-based Analytical Analysis
    Our Diagnostic team uses advanced analytical analysis and statistical research combined with the data and facts collected to identify barriers, problems, pinpoint capability gaps and opportunities for improvement.
  5. Deliver Targeted Actions and Solutions
    Our Diagnostic team documents WGA’s findings and prepares prioritized solutions and detailed action plans to transform your business and fix problems that matter.
  6. Initiate Solutions
    Our Diagnostic team works with the client’s Executive leadership team to initiate the formation of initiatives to execute the solutions and action plans selected by the client.

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Engage WGA Consulting, a world-class, incorruptible, and ethical alternative to Tier 1 consulting firms. WGA is on the ground, right next to you in the trenches, delivering objective, fresh and new cutting-edge solutions. WGA’s operational diagnostic services use the latest technology and thorough data and fact-based analysis to identify barriers, pinpoint capability gaps and delivery targeted interventions and solutions to transform your business.

WGA’s Operational Diagnostic delivers targeted solutions to fix operational problems in your company that matter. Our diagnostic services start from $19,999(USD)

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