Big-Name Consulting

Big-Name Consulting: It’s time to stop

It’s time to stop using Big-Name consulting

What happens when your trusted Big-Name Consulting partner has hundreds of pending lawsuits, failures and fines about their ethics and business practices? Do you finally fire them?

Do ethics matter to you? Are you tired of endlessly paying Big-Name Consulting firms for recommendations that destroy our environment, negatively affect our society or are simply unethical? 

WGA values human life, our society, our communities, our planet, and your company’s long-term performance over profits. Since our founding in 2000, WGA has maintained an independent Environmental, Social and Ethical (ESE) Review board. Unlike Big-Name Consulting firms, our ESE reviews every advisement, recommendation, and deliverable WGA provides to its clients to ensure it meets with our strict environmental, social, and ethical “do no harm” policies.

Our World-Class, Ethical, and Affordable Subscription-based Business Strategy and Management Consulting Service alternative to Big-Name Consulting, for Small, Mid-Size and Global Companies. WGA360™ services focus on helping your company be in the “best position to win” and ensure they are doing “the right thing” for our planet, people, society and your company.

WGA360™ Ready-to-Grow consulting service includes business strategy and execution consulting services that help ensure your company’s operations are ready to support the trillions of dollars in global capital investment over the next 5 years in a responsible ESG focused way. Our subscription model is based upon business weeks with a focus on rapid results.

WGA360™ Ready-to-Grow Consulting Services include:
• A dedicated team of three WGA Operational Strategy and Execution experts
• Award-winning Operational Performance Improves consulting services that deliver a fixed set of diagnostics, strategy, business planning and execution services to ensure your company is ready to deliver fast and efficient growth
• Includes all travel and expenses for any WGA required on-site travel

Sign-up to WGA360™ Ready-to-Grow consulting service today, an alternative to Big-Name Consulting, by visiting our online store to subscribe, or if you would like to learn more about WGA360™ consulting-as-a-service please feel free to review the content on our website.

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