Can Crowdsourcing Beat Dr. House?

Startup CrowdMed uses a mix of prediction market software, crowdsourcing, and gamification to help patients gain insight from hundreds of medical detectives. Watching his sister visit doctor after doctor, in fruitless pursuit of a diagnosis and treatment…

Case Study: Business Project Governance

Instant growth often results in a deluge of concurrent business projects. For most of us in operations, been there, done that. However, if your organization is lacking robust business project governance, precious capital could be wasted, resources tied up and far worse, the business value of those business projects may not be achieved to enable or sustain the current growth.

Case Study: Skin Care FDA Regulatory Changes

DA regulatory change requires fast response for a $3 Billion+/year skin care business.

The FDA issued regulatory changes to the skin care industry in June of 2011 regarding the terms, “sunblock”, “waterproof” and “sweatproof” requiring the removal of such claims from product labeling and packaging. These changes were initially required to be completed by June of 2012