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Entertainment: The anywhere, anytime, any content marketplace is accelerating. Top-performers are already transforming their business models to stay ahead of the curve and artists are finding new and exciting ways to license their music catalogue

  • Artist Management Services Overview

    WGA provides a full-service talent and artist management agency as part of our Entertainment Industry practice. We help talent and artists secure the most lucrative deals from our clients in the Entertainment industry. Our daily commitment is to ensure that our talent and artist management clients achieve their professional and personal goals.

    Since 2000, WGA has developed an impeccable reputation and strong relationships with a wide variety of entertainment industry insiders and professionals. We bring our deep industry experience and deal-making skills to ensure that each of our talent and artists we represent receive the best results on every deal.

    Our well-rounded staff has a deep background and experience in marketing, event management, touring, production, song writing, publishing, legal, licensing, TV, movies, video, social media and other entertainment areas. We focus on ensuring we exceed your expectations with both professionalism and personal concern.

  • WGA’s Artist Management Service Offerings

    WGA provides our talent and artists with the following artist management services. WGA acts as your public representatives, assist you with all decisions, providing you with the facts and helping you to make the right decisions. Our strong team mindset is the basis for all of our management services with the focus of doing what’s best for our artist.

    Our Artist Management services include:

    Locate opportunities

    Booking management

    Event management

    Recording management

    Brand Partnerships

    Managing your music

    Create and locate opportunities

    We reach out to partners and screen incoming opportunities and offers to find the best deals. We understand that each artist is different, so we work with you to determine how opportunities and offers should be screened for you. We work with you, the A&R team at the label or publisher to define and coordinate music and video releases, tour strategy, and live performance production.

    Booking management

    We coordinate the booking process for you. We handle all the details in alignment with your expectations and needs. We protect your brand and image and focus on vetting every booking.

    Event Management

    We make your creative vision a reality. We work with you to plan, coordinate and execute your events, concerts and touring schedules while keeping your timelines and budget managed and under control. We take care of the general production management, stage management, team coordination/labor, on-site event management, audio and technical engineering, on-road touring management, on-road touring accounting, deal management and venue negotiations.

    Recording management

    We work with you to locate and procure a studio, organize the studio, procure music engineering services, identify and select a music producer, coordinate the logistics of the recording sessions and through, help with finding studio musicians, editors, mixing and mastering.

    Brand Partnerships

    We provide services to find, secure, negotiation and management brand partnerships, brand sponsorships, endorsements and merchandising. We provide management and accounting services to audit, manage and support these partnerships.

    Managing your music

    We work with you to manage your entire catalogue, including metadata and playlists and send tracks professionally to anyone you’re working with. We work with you to mange your catalogue’s intellectual property management, licensing and royalties.

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  • Entertainment Industry Practice Overview

    Steep and dramatic change. Audiences are demanding seamless interaction with the content they want, when and where they want it. In this “instant demand” era, the entertainment business is transforming, content is the core business value, new pull rather than push delivery models and relationships with consumers are becoming more fragmented.

    The entertainment business must focus on: 1) building new and adaptable feedback loops to ensure ever better collection, and instant analysis of consumer needs and processes that quickly provide and deliver more relevant and targeted choices, 2) the right transition from a focus on one-on-one distributor relationships, to superior content that can be delivered over multiple media segments.

    • How can we evolve to support on-demand high speed delivery, mobility, interoperability and time adjusted technologies?
    • What must we do to grow our financial strength while maintaining necessary liquidity levels?
    • How can we reduce our operational cost profiles while improving performance?
    • What can we do to protect our profitability and unlock new revenue streams?
    • How do we navigate a path to “win” in the every changing competitive landscape?
  • WGA’s Entertainment Industry expertise

    We serve talent, artists, record labels, studios, content creators, aggregation and distribution clients; including entertainment and media companies, content providers, international broadcasters, cable TV channels, publishers, multimedia conglomerates, record labels, and cable operators.

    Our services include:


    Performance Improvement

    Supply Chain Optimization

    Information Technology

    Program Management

    • Management and governance of efforts
    • Peer review and oversight of third parties
    • Initiative turnaround
    • Program quality assurance
    • Executive leadership advisory
  • Entertainment Industry Case Studies

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    By applying an approach called Simplify for Excellence companies have reduced costs by 25% while increasing productivity by 62%.

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    By applying an approach called Simplify for Excellence companies have reduced costs by 25% while increasing productivity by 62%.

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