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LouLou Brendon
Senior Manager

Media & Entertainment: The anywhere, anytime, any content marketplace is accelerating. Top-performers are already transforming their business models to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Media & Entertainment Industry Practice Overview

    Steep and dramatic change. Audiences are demanding seamless interaction with the content they want, when and where they want it. In this “instant demand” era, the media and entertainment business is transforming, content is the core business value, new pull rather than push delivery models and relationships with consumers are becoming more fragmented.

    The media and entertainment business must focus on: 1) building new and adaptable feedback loops to ensure ever better collection, and instant analysis of consumer needs and processes that quickly provide and deliver more relevant and targeted choices, 2) the right transition from a focus on one-on-one distributor relationships, to superior content that can be delivered over multiple media segments.

    • How can we evolve to support on-demand high speed delivery, mobility, interoperability and time adjusted technologies?
    • What must we do to grow our financial strength while maintaining necessary liquidity levels?
    • How can we reduce our operational cost profiles while improving performance?
    • What can we do to protect our profitability and unlock new revenue streams?
    • How do we navigate a path to “win” in the every changing competitive landscape?
  • WGA’s Media & Entertainment Industry expertise

    We serve content creators, aggregation and distribution clients; including entertainment and media companies, content providers, international broadcasters, cable TV channels, publishers, multimedia conglomerates, record labels, and cable operators.

    Our services include:


    Performance Improvement

    Supply Chain Optimization

    Information Technology

    Program Management

    • Management and governance of efforts
    • Peer review and oversight of third parties
    • Initiative turnaround
    • Program quality assurance
    • Executive leadership advisory


  • Media & Entertainment Client Recommendations

    Our new CEO brought in a global business strategy company to identify opportunities to transform our company. Our global shared services organization was among five key areas identified. However, the $4 million dollar game plan provided by the global business strategy company was vague and had an unrealistic list of assumptions and unachievable benefits. After expressing my concerns to the board, our SVP of Business Planning suggested that I call WGA to flush out the strategy. WGA helped us rationalize the other firm’s game plan, essentially we scrapped their plan and started over. WGA’s fact based approach helped us 1) Consolidate our Shared Service operations from 3 to 1 facility saving us $49M/year, 2) Move HR and Legal to our Shared Services organization and 3) Streamlined our Shared Service operations resulting in an annual cost reduction of $190M/year.

    SamanthaVice President Shared Services$20B Entertainment Content Company

    During an operational business planning off-site, our finance team identified the need to re-evaluate our projected operational costs in several areas over the next 3 years. Cost pressures were driving us to shrink North American operations. WGA had been working with our finance team on related efforts and connected with my team to help identify opportunities. Using WGA’s zero-based budgeting approach, WGA helped us permanently remove $37M/year in operational expenses and redefine our operational process and organizational design. Since our first project together, I have called on WGA to complete 9 other projects including helping us address culture, team building, strategy and supply chain problems. WGA is practical and dependable!

    SharonDirector$140B Entertainment Company

    3 years after deploying SAP, we began to experience major process break downs and chronic user and system problems. Our business customers in Finance, Supply Chain, Procurement and HR had escalated these chronic problems to our leadership team. We were unable to pinpoint the root causes and were under pressure to fix the situation. WGA helped us identify a number of “misses” and business changes that were not in our design. WGA assessed, diagnosed, prioritized and helped us take corrective action quickly. WGA enabled us to triage the situation and re-established confidence with our internal business customers.

    KarenSenior Director SAP Center of Excellence$61B Media & Entertainment Company
  • Media & Entertainment Industry Case Studies

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    Transformation | Value Creation Strategy

    A transformation value creation strategy depends on a clear portfolio strategy and active portfolio management.

    By applying an approach called Simplify for Excellence companies have reduced costs by 25% while increasing productivity by 62%.

    Simplify for Excellence: Creating Value through Simplifying Support Functions

    By applying an approach called Simplify for Excellence companies have reduced costs by 25% while increasing productivity by 62%.

    Competitive Myopia: A Nearsighted View of the Competition

    Competitive Myopia: A Nearsighted View of the Competition

    Companies suffer from competitive myopia when they define their competition too narrowly and acknowledge only direct and immediate competitors

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