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Culture Change Consulting

Arguably, organizational culture represents the collective behavior, thinking and feelings of people that are part of an organization. Research shows that organizational culture directly impacts the bottom line. Kotter and Heskett studied 207 U.S. companies in a mix of 22 industries over an 11-year period.

WGA's Business Process Consulting services eliminate waste, bottlenecks & complexity. Our approach delivers the right results, fast.

Business Process Consulting

WGA’s business process consulting and optimization services eliminate waste, bottlenecks and complexity. Our approach delivers complete and fast results

lean six sigma

Lean Six Sigma Consulting

Lean Six Sigma offerings that deliver; lean culture change, 5S, value stream mapping, removing bottlenecks, standard work, streamlining. Culture Change is needed to achieve Lean. It is the alignment of culture which enables Lean to be internalized and successfully sustained by the organization

management consulting

Management Consulting

Management consulting: WGA’s services extend across all functions, we assist a broad array of industries and serve local, regional and global clients.